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Dead Center Duplex Video Clip
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New Long range Hunting

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Bullet Drop Comparison
T/C Pro Hunter ACP breech plug
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The Super Rat
Bullets - $10.95 dozen
Austin & Halleck 209 Kit
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Introducing the
".45 Dynamo"
a jacketed bullet, without limits, designed for
today's high High Performance Muzzleloader.

45 Dynamo
Click link or photo for full details.

Introducing "The Hybrid"
Hybrid bolt

The marriage of the 700 Remington action and the Large Rifle Vari Flame
ignition. Could just be the coolest ML available.

Barrel length vs velocity
..the truth may surprise you

NEW FOR 2023
Savage 10 ML, 10ML2
Smokeless .45 'Bullet to Bore'
Smokeless .50 sabot
Details 1-877-828-5538

NEW FOR 2023
Kits to convert your Savage cartridge rifle to a
Smokeless .45 'Bullet to Bore' muzzleloader
Smokeless .50 sabot muzzleloader
Details 1-877-828-5538

The Ultimate Savage Smokeless ML ...

Long range hunting with
your muzzleloader...
How far; how much energy

The future of Muzzleloading has arrived!
Large Rifle primer VariFlame
Click on above photo for full details.
Large Rifle primer Vari Flame Primer Adapter

Fits every Large Pistol to Large Rifle primer to provide the
perfect ignition
for every load combination; for every powder.

Some of our test muzzleloaders
No manufacturer does more testing with more muzzleloaders. The results we achieve help us to help you make the best bullet decision for your gun.

Our test guns
SMOKELESS GUNS: Ruger #3 .50 209 / VariFlame - Green Mountain barrel, Remington 700 .50 -
LRP ignition -
Green Mountain barrel, Savage 10ML II 209
BLACKPOWDER GUNS: Denali .50, Kahnke Model 94, T/C G2 .50, T/C G2 .45, T/C Encore .50,
T/C Encore .45,
T/C Encore Pro Hunter, T/C Thunderhawk .50, T/C Firehawk .50, T/C Firehawk .54,
Winchester X150 .45,
CVA Magbolt .45, Austin & Halleck 320 .50, T/C WMC .45, T/C WMC .50, T/C Renegade .50,
T/C Hawken .50,
Traditions Flintlock .50, CVA Flintlock .50, Austin & Halleck 1:28" Mountain Rifle - Flintlock

"There are a lot of ways to save fifty cents on the cost of a hunting trip.
Choosing your muzzleloader bullet should not be one of them."

Welcome to our extensive line of Custom Muzzleloader Bullets. Our fundamental belief is that in order to humanely harvest game a bullet must dissipate kinetic energy inside the body cavity. Extensive bullet testing, using animal carcasses and a bullet recovery box, has shown us that soft, pure lead is the only bullet material which will consistently perform over the entire velocity range generated by modern muzzleloaders. Jacketed bullets may work at very close range when the velocities are moderately high but as the range increases, the jacket prevents the lead from doing its job. Our tests conclude that there is no place for jacketed bullets in thin-skinned game hunting situations.

We offer a variety of weights to reflect the twist of rifling in the barrel. The blackpowder hunter can purchase rifles with twists of 1-66",1-48", 1-38", 1-32", 1-28", 1-26", 1-24" and 1-20". Obviously, a bullet that is ideal for a 1-38" twist will not be stabilized by a 1-48" twist and will not be optimum for a 1-24" twist. That is why we, and we alone, offer bullets in all weights from 175 grains to 535 grains. Due to their unique design, all weights in a given model will expand to the same proportions but only one weight will give absolute accuracy in each specific rifle.

There are very few muzzleloaders made today that are not capable of shooting 3 shot 2.5" groups at 100 yards. Every bullet we manufacture is capable of sub 1" groups just the way they come to you. Your job is to match the weight of bullet with the charge and type of powder that will make your rifle perform to these standards.