MSB* (Magnum Sub Base*) tests produce lower
Standard Deviations and better accuracy
with Magnum Powder Charges

Left group represents load without MSB. Right group shows same load with the MSB.
Group size shrunk from 1.348" with a standard deviation of 54 on the left
to a group size of .770" and a standard deviation of 19 on the right.

Precision Rifle 240 grain .40 Dead Center with a .40 x.50 caliber sabot and MSB.

MSB recovered after firing. Note the land and groove imprints on the shank and the flared base.
Both are signs of perfect MSB performance.

Although it is early in our testing, we have already committed to adding the MSB to our product line. In every group tested the accuracy has either improved or remained unchanged. In every load shot through the chronograph, the Standard Deviation has improved. By utilizing the MSB we have been able to increase powder charges and velocities by up to 200 fps while maintaining accuracy and Standard Deviation.

We will continue testing in the upcoming weeks including smokeless powder loads for the Savage muzzleloader. We believe the inclusion of the MSB will allow slow burning powders to ignite cleanly with light bullets. We will update this page as more test data is gathered.
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