Introducing "The Hybrid"
The Hybrid
700 Remington bolt body married to a Large Rifle Vari Flame (LRVF) bolt nose.

I am a big fan of 700 Remington rifle actions. For over 45 years I have built countless rifles on this action. Everything, from my .17 Epp to my .257 Dynamo Magnum to a .458 American, that I have assembled on this platform has had great success. Plus the after market has a variety of low cost high quality scope bases, stocks and triggers to improve the factory models, should one wish to go that far. Naturally it was also the first action we selected to build our first smokeless muzzleloader almost 20 years ago.

My least favorite part of our 700 Remington ML builds has always been the 'cut case' ignition. Because of the need to use large rifle primers, we were forced to start with a .473" bolt face action and then we would shorten appropriate cartridge cases to act as the primer carriers. Trimming cases was not a problem for us because we used a special jig in our lathe. For our customers, however, it was not so simple. Additionally, the shortened cases are somewhat cumbersome to load into the breech plug. Loading is especially trying in the heat of the hunting moment.

The perfect solution would be to use our patented LRVF module. Endless supply for customer and no fumbling with loading. Win - win. Problem was, we could not figure a way to attach them onto the existing Remington bolt. We tried several ideas and none worked well enough for daily use. Finally one evening with a die grinder, cutoff wheel and a boring bar we saw the light and the beginning of the results we wanted. A couple of test bolts gave their lives in the name of science but we got it perfect. I have been shooting mine for the past nine month and I am just as thrilled today as the day we got it to work.

Introducing "The Hybrid". A Remington 700 bolt, any size, any length retrofitted with a Precision Rifle proprietary LRVF bolt nose; originally designed for a Savage bolt. Simple slide the LRVF module into the slot and close the bolt. Zero headspace, perfect alignment. Perfect...
Hybrid bolt
Remington 700 bolt with our LRVF bolt nose

Here is the process:
- Send us your 700 Remington bolt using the prepaid postage supplied by us. We will machine it and install the LRVF bolt nose.
- We will supply a finished .45 or .50 caliber 416 tempered stainless steel Green Mountain 1:26" twist barrel, cut to your specified length.
The barrel is finished in a gray bead blast with a recessed target crown. The barrel features a Remington Sendaro contour to fit all Remington and after market varmint style stocks. Your new barrels includes a 416 Stainless Steel breech plug with vent liner, socket for breech plug removal and 10 LRVF adapters. Extra LRVF are available in quantities of 10 or packs of 50.
The barrel is machined and fitted for a Savage style barrel nut. This makes the process of head spacing a much simpler process. The barrel nut is also included.
- Head spacing and installation directions can be found on our you tube channel or call us on the toll free and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

To sum up: To make this process as smooth and easy as possible for you, the customer, once your order has been placed, we will email you the required USPS postage. You simply print off the postage and affix to the USPS Small Flat Rate Box, available from every U.S. post office. Assemble the box, drop in your bolt and drop it in the post box. Just that simple.

Total cost for everything, including delivery of your bolt to us and return delivery of your modified bolt and your new smokeless barrel is $875.00. Turn around is about 14 days from the time we receive your bolt until the time it is on the way back.

Questions, please call Cecil Epp, toll free, at 1-877-828-5538

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