Brass Super Jag 2

T/C came up with a great muzzleloader tool when they introduced their long brass cleaning jag. I received mine with my Encore barrels and they quickly became my favorite cleaning jag.

After extensive use, I became aware of two problems with this product. The first and most critical was that the threads, which attach the jag to your ramrod, were made of brass. I broke the three I had very quickly. The second problem was that they were somewhat undersized for several of my barrels and as a result left the cleaning patch in the bottom of my barrel on several occasions.

I decided that we needed to offer an "improved U.S. Made" version of this jag. I sent a drawing off to Warren Muzzleloading down in Arkansas and asked them to make me a sample for .45 and .50 caliber. I increased the length of the knurled portion by .150"and increased the diameter by .010"to better hold the patch. We then had the brass threads replaced with two steel threaded nipples; one to attach the Super Jag to your ramrod and the second to remove the jag head from the extension in the event that your preference is to keep the jag attached to your ramrod at all times The final touch was having the jag head milled out to also act as a bullet pusher for all our bullets. The result is an indestructible brass ramrod extension, bullet pusher, cleaning jag; Super Jag 2.
Now available in .45 and .50 calibers for $ 8.95.

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