Idaho changes muzzleloader hunting for 2007

Idaho has gone traditional for the 2007 muzzleloader season. My understanding after several conversations with the Idaho Game Department is as follows:

1. Bullets must be within .010" of bore diameter.
2. Bullets must be made of pure lead without any jacket material.
3. Bullets cannot have any plastic parts on any part of the bullet.

In a nutshell, Jacketed bullets are illegal, saboted bullets are illegal, Powerbelts are illegal.

The good news is that all our Ultimate 1 Conical bullets with the exception of the QT Polymer Tip conicals are legal. We own and shoot 1:48" twist side lock guns on a regular basis and have a vast amount of experience with what shoots and what does not in these guns. We can help you make the best bullet decision for your hunting style and muzzleloader.

As a footnote to all of this, the Idaho group that made and passed these regulations clearly did not accomplish what they think they did. I'm sure their intention was not to make round ball use illegal in Idaho but rather to encourage the use of round balls. Fact is .50 caliber round balls are .490". Fifty caliber muzzleloader barrels are anywhere from .502" to .505" depending on make and model. By their own regulations and definitions, they have made it illegal to shoot round balls in the traditional hunting season. How's that for some great irony.

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Posted 7/10/2007

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