Swap your T/C Encore / Omega / G2
.25 ACP breech plug

Epp 172"
Matt Epp - 200 Dead Center - 105 gr Triple 7 ff - .45 Encore / Small rifle primer breech plug
172 3/8" gross B&C green - Click photo for enlarged view.
Caswell 174"
Jason Caswell - 200 Dead Center - .45 Encore G2 / Hornet Conversion
174 4/8" gross B&C green - Click photo for enlarged view.

We are now in our fourth year of offering modified breech plugs to T/C owners. The .25 ACP breech plug works great. .25 ACP cases accept all small rifle and small pistol primers so the load development options are endless. The brass stay clean, extract with your fingers and also seem to possess unlimited life. The added bonus is they do not require any trimming. Just pop in a primer and insert them into the breach plug. If you want more, we have them in stock by the bag of 50, 100 or more. We continue to get the best results using CCI 400 Small Rifle primers.

Like everything made, breech plugs eventually wear out. Constant shooting erodes the flame hole and accuracy begins to deteriorate. Our experience suggests that once the hole reaches .035" accuracy will suffer.

"Swap Your T/C ACP Breech Plug" is a new program to benefit the shooter. When your breech plug has reached the end of its useful life, simply return it to us by mail and we will replace it for $ 24.95. That is correct; return your shot out T/C .25 ACP breech plug and we will send you a brand new one for only
$ 24.95.

Matt Epp '04 Saskatchewan buck
162 5/8" gross B&C
200 Dead Center - 105 Triple 7 fff - T/C Encore .45 - .25 ACP breech plug
Click photo for larger view

Customer Testimonial:

Great to find a product that really works! I took my T/C Omega .45 with its new .25 ACP breech plug out to the range and had a group tighten from 5 inches to less than an inch, shooting 175 g Dead Centers with 105 grains of T7 FFg.

Thanks for your help.
Don Matheson"

Return your breech plug by U.S. mail to:
Precision Rifle
Box 12 Grp 71 RR 1
Anola, MB
R0E 0A0

When you fill out the green sheet to attach to the package write:
"U.S. made plug being returned for replacement. Replacement to be returned to the U.S..
Value for customs purposes $1.00."

Be sure to include your return address as well as credit card number for payment.

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