Introducing the ".45 Dynamo"
A jacketed ML bullets, without limits, designed for today's High Performance Muzzleloaders.
From tip to base, this bullet has everything...

Matt Epp
Manitoba Muzzleloader Season

65 grains of Reloader 7 - Remington 700 'Hybrid' - LRVF with Federal 215
Dynamo in MMP 3 petal sabot

Matt 2
Matt Epp
Saskatchewan Rifle Season

60 grains of Reloader 7 - Savage 11 Conversion - LRVF with Federal 215
Dynamo in MMP 3 petal sabot

Let me start out by telling you that I am very excited to bring you our latest creation; .45 Dynamo.

We needed a bullet that would stand up to the velocities generated by the many custom smokeless ML barrels that are on the market today. Pure Lead bullets, which are all our other bullets, work great for their intended use. Blackpowder replacement powders generating velocities up to 2100 fps are where pure lead shines. Beyond that velocity the lead bullet will actually expand on the way to the target. Our barrels are capable of generating velocities of 2500 fps+ and we needed to offer our customers a bullet to match that ability. But not just any bullet.

After 24 years of making and selling millions of pure lead bullets, we knew exactly what we needed in a jacketed bullet. After a lot of soul searching we decided that the best way to get exactly what we wanted would be to just make it.

Four different machines set up; each doing a separate job. Exposed lead Tip to rebated step-base; every dimension perfect; every detail with a purpose.


"Hello Cecil,
I recently bought from you some Dynamo 50 cal, 45 cal bullet, 330 gr , 3 petals sabot. I went to the range and got some good results, I got 0.95” and 0.8” grouping at 100 yards with 105gr BH209. I have a question. This type of bullet load pretty easy,  they are not too loose but not tight. I was kind of wondering if I should try something a bit tighter. I know like the barnes TMZ is .504 and it is really too hard to load.The Dynamo I believe is 0.501.
My muzzleloader is a CVA Accura V2 LR, 30" Bergara barrel.
Please advise
Thank you"

Aimee Epp - 100 gr BH209 - LRVF with Federal 215 - Dynamo 3 Petal EZEE

Epp Elkl
Cecil Epp
2023 Colorado Elk - 1st rifle season
300 Dynamo - 105 gr FFG Triple 7 - Federal 215 - 161 yards
T/C Encore - Precision Rifle custom .50 barrel - Locker Pin - LRVF ignition

Technical details:
Bullet diameter: .451"

Bullet Weight:
300 and 320 grains were selected for a couple of reasons. This weight range shot the most accurately in our test barrels. We ran the weight gamut from 250 grains to 330 grains in our 1:20" to 1:28" twist test barrels and day in and day out, 300 to 330 was the sweet spot.
From an energy standpoint, the powders that we used, generated the best kinetic energy per grain of powder burned when we kept the bullets between 300 and 330 grains.

Jacket thickness: .0125"
We needed a jacket that would protect the core from extreme ML velocities while being thin enough to allow expansion of that core at extreme ranges, where the velocities will be quite low. Effective from zero to 400 yards with muzzle velocities of 1750 fps+.

Core material: pure lead

Base design: rebated .050" step
We needed to design a base to protect the critical junction of the sabot where the petals meet the base. Flat base bullets are very hard on sabots. Round cornered base bullets are difficult to repeat in production. Our rebated step base is swaged in three of the four steps and allows the bullet to be seated into the sabot without flaring the petals and protects the base/petal junction.
For 'bullet to bore' applications, the increased surface area of the rebated step base helps retain the bullet on the powder charge. We found that more powder becomes 'trapped' around the base thereby adding additional resistance to help with accidental bullet movement.

Ogive: continuous 2S
The nose portion of our bullet is a copy of our Dead Center .45 that has served us well over its 22 year existence.

Exposed lead tip diameter: .230"

Meplat diameter: .075"

Functioning muzzle velocity range: 1750fps + (no upper limit)

Effective White-tailed Deer range: 600 yards; Elk / Moose 350 yards

G1 drag coefficient: velocity dependant; .265 - .285

Intended game: White-tailed deer and larger

I have tried to provide all the information to answer your questions. Should you need more info, please call Cecil Epp at 1-204-996-4868

Thanks for reading.

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