In a letter written October 5th, 2006 by the State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, all Precision Rifle bullets were declared to be legal during the muzzleloader season.
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Extreme Elite HP
Extreme Elite Cecil's A&H flintlock

August 2006 - Extreme Elite bullets capture two of the top seven spots in the
"World's Flattest Shooting Muzzleloader Bullet" contest. Click here for full report

The Extreme Elite HP is the 2004 replacement of our Extreme HP which we introduced in 1997; the original long range magnum hunting bullet. The new Extreme Elite represents the "very best value" in an all-lead hunting and target bullet. Outstanding accuracy with any twist from 1:48" to the very fast Savage 10 ML II 1:24" twist by selecting the appropriate weight. The continuous ogive and rebated boat-tail enhance ballistic performance and put the Extreme Elite HP in a class all it's own. Weights available to suit every twist of barrel and every sized game from 240 to 360 grains. All Extreme Elite HP are shipped in PVC protective clams to assure perfect bullets from our door to your door.

T/C Hawken
T/C Hawken Classic .50 caliber
300 gr Extreme Elite - 100 Goex fffg
.678" 50 yards

Savage 10 ML-II
Savage 10 ML II .50 caliber
350 Extreme Elite - 40 IMR 4759
.559" 100 yards

Savage 10 ML II
Savage 10 ML II .50 caliber
360 Extreme Elite - 41.1 IMR 4759
.445" 100 yards

A&H Mountain Rifle
19th century muzzleloader beauty meets 21st century bullet performance
360 Extreme Elite - 100 gr Goex fffg Black powder
Austin & Halleck .50 1:28" twist Mountain Rifle - Flintlock
1.229" 100 yards

240 Extreme Elite HP - T/C G2 .45

.40 Extreme Elite for .45 and .50 in 240 and 260 grain
.45 Extreme Elite for .50, .54 and .58 in 300, and 330 grain

Del Ramsey of MMP 2006 Black Bear - 260 Extreme Elite
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