LBT Style Hard Cast

Left to Right: LBT .40 225 grains, LBT .45 335 grains LBT

Our LBT Hard Cast bullets are four times harder than our regular pure lead bullets measuring about 20 Brinell hardness. There is a slight radius on the base for proper sabot fit and are sized to exact tolerance. Weights run +/- 1.5 grains for both bullets.

Our LBTs are of the design that Al Marion has written extensively about in Blackpowder Hunter magazine. This bullet is designed to punch a wound channel while giving extreme penetration. Accuracy with both calibers has been very good averaging around 1.5" 3 shot groups at 100 yards. Throughout the design and test phases, we harvested a Moose and several White-tailed deer. Several additional modifications were then made before we tooled up to make the final product.

.40 LBT for use in .45 and .50 caliber rifles.
.45 LBT for use in .50, .54 and .58 caliber rifles.


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