The Locker-Pin
for the T/C Encore
locker pin photo

..the only permanent solution to the T/C Encore pin movement problem

The problem: Pin movement side to side and rotation
Most everyone who shoots the Encore has experienced pin movement at some time or another. My experience is that if the pin moves side to side or rotates, the point of impact will shift and accuracy will be effected. My most extreme example was when my pin had slid all the way to the side of my fore-end causing my .22-250 barrel to shoot 12" right.

The solution: The Locker-Pin
Machined from #416 stainless steel, The Locker Pin is the ultimate solution. Simply slide the pin in place and screw the locker side with the supplied Allen wrench.
No rotation; no left and right; no change of impact.
Hundreds of shots and zero movement.

Fitting of the fore-end:
To achieve absolute accuracy from your Encore, my experience is that the fore-end must not rub on the side of the frame. In other words, the ears of the fore-end that are designed to keep the factory T/C pin in place must be filed, ground or sanded so they are not contacting the side of the frame. Personally, I grind the inside of the fore-end ears until they clear the The Locker-Pin by the thickness of a match book cover or a business card. This will allow plenty of free space so the fore-end does not put pressure on the barrel by contacting the side of the frame.
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