Improving the T/C Encore / G2
by Eliminating Pin Movement

Above: T/C Encore with the $ 1.00 pin movement solution by Precision Rifle

Pin movement side to side and rotation:
Most everyone who shoots the Encore has experienced pin movement at some time or another. My experience is that if the pin moves side to side or rotates, the point of impact will shift and accuracy will be effected. My most extreme example was when my pin had slid all the way to the side of my forend causing my .22-250 barrel to shoot 12" right.

Existing solutions :
To solve this problem, shooters have done a number of things. One solution is applying Loctite to secure the pin. The problem with this method is that you need to wait about 12 hours for the Loctite to cure before it will successfully hold the pin in place. Another material is 5 Minute Epoxy to secure the pin. Again, cure time is an issue and the bond can break in extreme cold without the shooter knowing this has happened.

Oversized hinge pins are marketed by a number of companies to solve the moving pin problem. They sell from $10 to $60 depending who makes them and what they are made of. The problem here is that very few people have the ability to accurately measure their existing pin and the existing hole so they really do not know what size their new pin should be. We have one customer who has purchased three different pins and still has not solved the problem.

Welcome our $1.00 pin solution:
My fundamental belief is that if you think long and hard about something, a simple solution will usually be the result.

Our heating / air conditioning guy was over sealing our overhead duct work with a type of tape that is actually aluminum with a white paper backing. You simply role out the length that's required to get the job done and cut the piece off the role. Next you peel off the white backing paper and you apply this aluminum tape to completely seal the duct work. Sticks like burrs to a blanket. Instant.
Why not cut some out and try that on the Encore frame. It will definitely stop the pin from moving side to side and should also stop any rotation.

It has been three months now and my .22-250 pin has not moved nor has the point of impact. The tape is still as it was when applied. I have carried it on my quad, in my truck box and flat on the floor of the truck without as much as a single click needing to be used to correct any movement. When it's time to change barrels, it peels off like it wasn't even there. Very slick.

The aluminum tape is called "MACTAC" in the heating industry. It comes in a large roll that sells for about $26.00. Too large a roll to be practical for most everyone when you only use about 1" every time you change barrels. So we decided to sell the MACTAC by the foot; enough for about 12 barrels changes for $1.00. If you think you need more, you can get three feet (enough for about 36 barrel changes) for $2.00. I believe that this may be the very best $1 you will ever spend on your Encore / G2

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