Endorsement Disclaimer

I received a disturbing phone call from one of my customers just the other day. It seems that after reading some of my writing regarding one of our "test guns" he decided to purchase the identical gun. According to this phone call, the gun that he received did not shoot as accurately nor did it generate the same velocities as our test gun. Somehow he felt that this was my fault. He felt that my writings had mislead him as to the accuracy and the performance of this gun. Although I did not build the gun, sell the gun or even see the gun, he felt that it was my responsibility that his new gun did not perform as well as he expected.

Throughout our website I make references to Knight, Traditions, CVA, Cabela's, T/C and Kahnke rifles. I report what results we have achieved with our guns. I do not endorse and am not affiliated with any of the above gun makers.

I believe that every gun is unique unto itself. Just because our test gun shoots accurately is not to say that the very next gun off the assembly line will shoot as accurately. But on the other hand, it may shoot even better.


To submit a question of your own, feel free to mail, e-mail or fax us your question. If we don't know the answer, we will find it for you. All questions are answered; selected questions of broad interest to our visitors will be added to our questions file below.

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