"What does the word "CUSTOM" in the name PRECISION RIFLE CUSTOM MUZZLELOADER BULLETS stand for?"

The word CUSTOM in our name means that we not only offer a dealer and mail-order line of bullets but we also design and manufacture bullets for every purpose.

Many black powder shooters have an idea of a bullet design that they believe would work better or add that personal touch to their shooting. There is no need for them to invest thousands of dollars, as we have done, to shoot your very own design. Simply send us the drawings of your particular bullet and for a very small tooling charge, we will manufacture that bullet to your specifications. We can do the testing or you can take care of that part of it yourself.

Additionally, we will make our customers any weight bullet within the weight range that we currently manufacture. If we use the Ultimate 1 as an example, we manufacture this bullet in weights from 300 grain to 450 grain. Our standard weights offer them in 50 grain increments but we will actually make you any weight in that range at no additional charge.

We also manufacture bullets outside of our normal weight range for a minimal extra charge. Recently we made a gentleman 290 grain Ultimate 1 HP for his 1-48 twist and he succeeded in shooting a three shot group which measured .219 with them! He felt it was well worth the minimum extra charge to make these bullets which were outside of our normal weight range.

Our goal is to make you ,the shooter, happy, more efficient at harvesting game and to totally eliminate cripple losses due to poor bullet performance.

Thanks to Bill G. from Illinois for that question and I hope that I have answered it to your satisfaction.

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