"I am interested in shooting 300-350 grain saboted bullets out of my 1-48" twist Traditions Deerhunter. I shoot your Keith Nose Hollow Point bullets (green sabots); they shoot very well and perform perfectly but my rifle will not accurately shoot them in weights of more than 275 grains. Can you help me?"

Your request is only one of many that I receive through e-mail and by letter. It seems that more and more shooters are going back to their sidelocks to put some challenge back into the sport of muzzleloading. I am also seeing that bullet weight is on the increase. The "need for speed" thing seems to be dying off and more and more shooters are asking for maximum bullet weights and not maximum speed.

In response to both of these trends, I have been working on a .45 caliber Keith Nose Hollow Point bullet. This bullet comes in a black sabot instead of the green sabot of the .44 caliber Keith Nose. By increasing the bullet diameter .021" the bullet becomes substantially shorter and therefore easier to stabilize. This will allow maximum bullet weights to be shot out of relatively slow twist barrels and will allow for additional bullet weights to fit inside sabots. I have married this bullet with a full boat tail and a "new" sabot. The accuracy is outstanding. They are extremely easy to load. At this point, I have been able to shoot 330 grain bullets in a 1-48" twist barrel in 1.5" groups at 100 yards. I have been able to shoot 400 grain bullets (experimental weight only) in 1-28" twist barrels.

Recovery box expansion testing yielded identical results to the existing Keith Nose designs. I am very excited about this bullet and will be featuring it this spring when we head up to northern Manitoba to harvest a color phase black bear on video with our flintlock rifle.

Although these bullets do not show up anywhere in our brochure, they are on our order forms and on this web site. They are available in weights of 275, 300, 330 and 360 grains.

Thanks to Ryan F. from Nebraska for that question and I hope that I have answered it to your satisfaction.

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