Precision Rifle Custom Muzzleloader Bullets
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the MIGHTY .40

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Anyone can make a bullet lighter. Removing a few grains of lead or copper does not make you "the Roy Weatherby of Muzzleloading". There's more to earning the right to use the word "performance" in the bullet business than lopping off a few grains of lead from the back of a bullet.

Over two years in the planning and development, Welcome the ultimate advance in muzzleloading performance; the .40 caliber Q T Spitzer Polymer Tip Bullet. Unrivaled ballistics, trajectory and down range energy.

From left to right 180 gr., 195 gr., 215 gr., 235 gr.
As of June 1st, 2000 QT are also available in:
.44 caliber for .50 and .54 in 250, 275 and 300 grains
.45 caliber for .50, .54 and .58 in 275, 300, 330 and 350 grains.

Twice the energy; 1/2 the drop! Using the same charge of powder and the same weight of bullet, the 180 grain QT POLYMER SPITZER .40 offers over twice the energy and 1/2 the trajectory of a typical .45 caliber Hollow Point bullet at 250 yards!

News Flash: QT .40 Polymer Tip sabots take first place at the 2001 & 2002 World "Manufacturers Challenge" Blackpowder Championships team event.

Lermayer 240 QT

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