Savage 10 ML II
Single Hole Vent Liners

The hole in the factory Savage vent liner measures .0305".

By experimenting with a variety of breech plugs utilizing vent liner holes between .0285" and .035", we have found that there is a 'sweet spot' for the vent hole size and that is .033". We also determined that a step-hole offers more consistent results than the results achieved by using a one sized through hole. In other words, looking from the primer side, our vent liner hole is one size for the first .120" of depth and then steps down to .033" diameter for the balance. This step-hole acts as a sort of funnel and an expansion chamber all at once; getting more flame to the powder while reducing the pressure from the primer.

Just like our bullets, these vent liners are hand made one at a time for consistent results; shot after shot.
Priced at $ 6.50 each, add them to you next bullet order and they will be shipped FREE.

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