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Hero # 1: Bill Snodgrass - Impala - 300 grain Silver Lightning - 90 gr Pyrodex RS

New world record for muzzleloader! Distance to recovery zero yards!

Hero # 2: Bob Walkowiak - assorted African animals - 300 grain Silver Lightning, 300 grain Semi-Spitzer HP and 300 grain Semi-Spitzer Big Game - 120 gr Elephant Brand FFG

Great job Bob. It looks like the 1 1/2 years of preparation was well worth the effort! Next year it will be the Cape Buffalo! I've already started work on the bullet that will get the job done for you. Great photos.

Hero # 3: Bill Snodgrass - Ibex - 300 grain Semi Spitzer Big Game - 90 gr Pyrodex RS

Hero # 4: Craig Teal of Callaway, MN - assorted African animals - 360 grain EXTREME, 265 grain EXTREME - 120 gr. Pyrodex RS

All six in the top five of the world. Five of the six including the 1240 pound giant were taken with the 265 grain EXTREME. Furthest shot 184 yards; closest shot 63 yards. Some day we'll have to hear the stories about the other guys with their smokeless cartridge guns.

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