Dead Center Duplex Download

A little background before you enjoy the 1:07 download of a White-tailed deer harvest.
I have no doubt that there are much bigger bucks in the woods but I doubt if many were harvested more humanely.
The distance is 144 yards. I am across the river on a one hundred and fifty foot bank.
I am shooting my T/C Encore .50 caliber with the .25 ACP breech plug, MACTAC pin tape, QLA removed off my homemade shooting sticks.
The gun is loaded with a 195 gr Dead Center Duplex .357 caliber bullet ahead of 100 gr of ffg Triple Seven powder and ignition is a CCI 400 small rifle primer.
The camera is a Canon GL2 Mini DV at 16x zoom. The video was rendered using Adobe Premiere Elements. Click here to view the clip. Enjoy.

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