ULTIMATE 1 SPITZER is true Spitzer with a ballistic coefficiency of .242. Due to its long nose, we do not manufacture them any lighter than 350 grains in .50 caliber. Other weights include 400 and 450 grains; in .45 caliber in 275, 300, 330, and 360. They are suitable for ANY sized game animals at extended ranges. Designed for 1-48 twist barrels and faster, these bullets may be the best big game bullet available to the shooter looking for ONE BULLET to do it all.

The ULTIMATE 1 SPITZER was the number one choice with our customers going to Colorado after Elk. The results were outstanding; check out the lovely Dungan bull.

ULTIMATE 1 SPITZER are available in:
.45 caliber in 275, 300, 330, and 360 grains
.50 caliber in 350, 400, 450 grains
.50 caliber step base with purple sabot for .54 in 350, 400, 450


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