Pending new world record 60" Kudu taken by Bob Walkowiak with a300 grain Silver Lightning and 120 grains of FFg powder.

SILVER LIGHTNING is the "first-ever" commercially made muzzleloader bullet with a polymer tip. The polymer tip protects the bullet from damage. This means that whether in your shooting box or in your pocket, the bullet can take some rough handling.

It increases the ballistic coefficiency of the bullet. A single grain of polymer tip displaces approximately fifteen grains of lead. This means a 300 grain bullet carries the ballistic properties of a 315 grain bullet.

The largest advantage of the polymer tip is it's function in hydraulically opening the bullet. Regardless of the remaining velocity, upon impact the green polymer tip is driven back into the bullet cavity causing immediate, controlled expansion. This combination of bullet ball and cavity design controls overall expansion size and rate of expansion.

SILVER LIGHTNING has been successfully used on big game all over North America and Africa. The ballistic coefficiency of the 275 grain .44 caliber .245.

SILVER LIGHTNING is available in .44 caliber for use in .50 and .54 calibers in weights of 250, 275 and 300 grains.

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