Ultimate Flask & Measure
Flask & Measure
March 6th, 2005

We have used this style of flask and measure combination for years. The beauty of this setup is that you get to settle the powder inside the flask to the same density on every loading. While holding the flask vertical, you simply insert the measure into the bottom of the flask, open the valve and shake both your hands as if you were shaking hands with a friend. I shake it three times and release the value. I then open the valve and shake it three more times. Release the valve, withdraw your measure and you have a charge that is the same as the one before and the same as the next one. Using this method, I can throw 100 grain charges of Triple Seven to +/- .3 grains. One more variable removed from the accuracy puzzle.

In the past these measures have been marketed by Knight and Remington but they break. In fact, of the last four that we bought in September 2004, two are already broken. They use a small set screw to restrict the movement of the valve. With use, the set screw comes loose and instead of restricting the throw of the valve, it simply falls apart. No one has the proper sized Allen wrench and the measure is finished for the day. Or in our case, the measure falls apart in the field, you loose the part and all the powder.

Shooters need accessories that don't break. We got with a brass maker and tweaked our valve to make it dummy proof. No set screw running in a shallow groove. We use an oversized roll pin in an actual slot. Heavy duty spring to cut the powder caught in the slide and to keep the valve closed in the shooting box. Made in the U.S. creating U.S. jobs. Not Chinese made to marketing specs to sell at a price point. Designed for a lifetime of use and built to back it up. We are so sure of the design and the workmanship, together with the manufacturer we are including a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on the valve assembly.

Ultimate Flask & Measure
1300 grain brass flask with 120 grain powder measure
Priced at only $ 49.95

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