Precision Rifle proudly presents
our 142 grain .357 "HHS"

Big Game capable air rifle bullet

.357 "HHS" target on right represents 15 shot group shot over three days
with Quackenbush custom .357 at distance of 75 yards.
Muzzle velocity 852 fps as recorded with Oehler 35P
Air pressure 2850 psi NITROGEN for each shot.

Who better to make a big game capable air rifle bullet than the company that has been making low velocity muzzleloader bullets for over 20 years? Several of our bullet designs, that have been successfully used to humanely harvest every North American big game animal, have lent pieces of their design to enable us to meet the challenge of manufacturing this .357 air rifle hunting bullet.

Air rifles offer a different challenge for the bullet maker. Expansion cannot be a consideration when attempting to humanly harvest big game with a bullet moving in the range of 600-700 fps. Ballistics really do not play a big part in a bullet traveling 75 yards. Shape is absolutely critical; the bullet must penetrate completely while damaging enough tissue to accomplish the intended goal.

Over 500 shots, four different base designs, multiple nose designs, bullet drop tests, velocity drop off tests, penetration test; all done. In repeated testing the .357 "HHS" groups under 1", velocity drop off less than 60 fps and penetrates over 30"; all at 75 yards!

Our .357 "HHS" is made of pure lead to enable the bullet to completely engrave the rifling without expending precious velocity in the process. It is sized to correctly fit the .357 air rifle bore. The cup base with heavy base skirt completely supports the base of the bullet and helps trap every psi of air pressure behind the bullet where it can do some work. The generous meplat of the bullet transfers damaging energy but not at the cost of penetration. The forward heavy nose design assures target quality accuracy. Our cold swaging manufacturing process, as opposed to casting, guarantees that each bullet is void free and each bullet is an exact duplicate of the other. Protective multi cavity packaging made from heavy weight PVC protects the delicate pure lead bullets until it's time for you to load them in your barrel.

Protective bullet wallet with 25 - .357 "HHS" bullets.

$ 9.95 each package of 25 bullets in re-useable case.

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