Gonic Sabots 2.0 2016

Gonic made some pretty good muzzleloaders. The biggest problem with the Gonic was the fact they intentionally built the gun with an undersized barrel. I assume they did this so Gonic owners had to shoot Gonic bullets. Sounds like a great idea until several years down the road, the company goes out of business and Gonic owners are stuck with guns that they can no longer get bullets to fit down the barrel.

Although most of their bullets were very heavy cast bore sized bullets, they did offer a 44x50 undersized sabot for those who did not wish to shoot 500-600 grain bullets. The sabots were undersized to take a standard .429"-.430" bullet to their undersized bore diameter.

We managed to locate the current owner of the tooling required to mold these sabots and made a deal with him to do a run for us. They are here and ready to ship.

Gonic sabots can be purchased two ways. Packages of 50 sabots only for $12.50. We will also be offering our .44 caliber Dead Center 300 grain and QT .44 caliber 300 grain bullets packaged in Gonic sabots ready to remove from the package and push down the bore for a $1 per package upcharge from our regular prices. All quantity discounts also apply.

Questions, call Cecil on the toll free order / information line.

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Originally Posted 11/07/2007
. Reposted 7/17/2016

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