T/C Encore USED Barrel Sale

The T/C Encore is one of the most versatile rifles ever invented. Thank you Thompson and Center. There are dozens of calibers available for every hunting and shooting application. Over time we have collected some barrels that we really don't use today. Many we purchased for our "Barrel Rental Program" which was more of a distraction than it was really worth. Anyway, today we are selling off some of these barrels.
from $350 each


.17 Mach IV - T/C Custom Shop c/w Custom Dies and 200 brass - $575

  .243 Winchester - 24" stainless. SOLD

.22 / .243 Winchester - 24" stainless
1:12" twist - sporter taper

  .22 / .243 Winchester - 28" fluted blued
1:12 twist $350 SOLD
Medium Game .243 Ackley - 24" blued SOLD
  .25 - '06 Remington - 28" fluted stainless
Less than 50 shots $350 SOLD
Big Game 7mm Remington Magnum - Pro Hunter $400
  .338-06 T/C Custom Shop $575 - includes dies and brass
  .338 Winchester Magnum $400
List updated 07/23/2022 .

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