Austin & Halleck Ultimate Ignition Kit

A H ignition

This kit is designed for the hunter who wants to carry their A&H slung over their shoulder without fear of the primer moving in the nipple. We have married parts from two totally different muzzleloaders to make one muzzleloader better. We have taken a nipple designed with a retaining spring and threaded it into our custom A & H breech plug to give the hunter a breech plug where the primer is held in place and extracts with ease. That is correct, you can turn this gun upside down while cocked and the primer will not move. With our test gun, the primer generally extracted upon bolt opening by remaining on the bolt face.

The Ultimate A&H ignition includes a #416 stainless steel firing pin, a #416 stainless breech plug, a 209 nipple plus a Large Rifle Vari Flame nipple with 10 Large Rifle Vari-Flame adapters. The breech plug is removed with a 7/16" socket while the nipples are removed with a large, flat screw driver. Switch from one system to the other without adjusting your bolt length. The best of all systems.

Good for any powder in all weather conditions.

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